about KELSEY

Hello ladies!!


My name is Kelsey and I would love to make you shine! I've been specializing in boudoir photography since 2018 after years of photography work in other areas. I fell in love with boudoir because the experience is so unique, I get to know you, and it's seriously just so much fun!

When I am not behind the lens, I do have a full time day job which allows me to keep my costs lower allowing every woman the chance they deserve to shine!



I might be the pickiest eater in the world

I'm a mom to the best little dude who is my mini-me

I love love love DIY projects, especially landscaping

I would be outside all the time if I could

Bouldering is my favorite hobby at the moment

My favorite place in the world is Kauai

I want to make you shine!! 

Convinced yet??